Thursday, December 28


Have been burping a lot recently. Hmm. Odd.

Tuesday, December 26

Kingsley Once Again


That's Kingsley. 'Nough said.

Monday, December 25

The day is Kingsley.

When one usually wakes up late, the day is about to end. No fun, no laughter, just television. But such was not the case today.

A dog had followed my dad into our backyard. Of course, I had no idea. I did hear a strange "cry" from outside, but assuming it was Penny, I only said "Penny, don't cry, baby." And now that I read that, it sounds completely sleazy, even it was for a dog.

But in a few minutes, my mother called me from my cousin's house, relaying to me the news of the "cutest little dog. She was in the backyard. Curiosity, of course, took over. I opened the screen door just a smidge and up prances this little puppy. And yes, I was overcome with the warm, fluffy feeling.

And here I am at my cousin's house with the new baby "Kingsley." Adorable little thing. Sigh.

I miss Penny. I hope she's alright.

Sunday, December 24

The net's looking good.

I updated my Internet Explorer 6 to the all-new, all-sexy Internet Explorer 7.

And dayum. IE > MSN.

This must have been one of the greated weekends ever. This is no dramatic attempt to emphasize the highlights of the weekend. No, this is more of an attempt to embrace the lowlights of life and to (okay, cliche warning) enjoy the simplicities.

Okay, that's one cliche too many for me. Au revoir.

Song recommendation: "Romantic Comedy" by the Stars. And no, it's not stupid. Trust me.

Saturday, December 23


I hope this relieves me of some it.
In no specific order...

1. Yamashita Tomohisa
2. Wu Zun
3. Tamaki Hiroshi
4. Aya Ueto

& that's it for now.

Lovely. Just lovely.

This morning started out ideally. One of those weekend mornings when things feel perfect. Nothing's planned (yet). The wind is calm. It's not too hot; it's not too cold. The sun is out, though it may wane. The house is quiet. And you just stay in bed for a while, contemplating the stillness of everything.

Oh how great it is to be alive.


Yes, yes. I am frustrated yet again. No, not with the usual "I'm not keen about people," but with myself. In some way, all my frustrations with life, people, and everything eventually lead back to myself. This raises questions on whether or not I hate myself. Do I really? If so, to what degree and why? In all my pettiness and simplicity, I've no right to judge others [random thought].

Oy. Oyy. When will I be able to learn? When?

And when will I cease to use rhetorical questions? They're so damn annoying sometimes. SOMEONE ANSWER, already. It doesn't matter if the answer's obvious. Just answer. Thus, the whole point of a rhetorical question will be defeated and the existence of this literary device will cease to exist.

And that day will be the day I finally learn to love myself.

Tuesday, December 19

Questions Form @ Midnight

I do believe that it should be morning, but honestly, who cares? I certainly do not.

Day 1 of winter break down, countless more hours to go. Sometimes I truly ask myself what I got myself into. No, not sometimes. All the time. Why bother getting up in the morning? That is the question I can no longer afford to ask. My usual lack of self-esteem and optimism has suddenly become my direct downfall. Pity, I'm used to it being my indirect downfall.

It's funny how stress and suffering result from caring and having a conscience. It almost makes you want to kill an embodiment of "karma," doesn't it? Why must life be so unsatisfying and frustrating in that light and yet look so sweet when strangers make you face the reality of death? Funny. No, not really.

As I have demonstrated, it is extremely hard to form coherent chains of thought. That holds especially true when you are me and typing such things at 2 o'clock in the morning. Oh joy. There are a lot of things to look forward to tomorrow. Seeing the 10 people to whom I have relinquished all control. It doesn't scare me that much to know that they have influenced about 30% of my recent choices in the last 2 months. The other 70% is split unevenly amongst close friends and family. It makes me happy to know that my Banana Hammock is one of them. Thank you.

My shirts are supposed to be arriving tomorrow. We shall see.

Monday, December 18

Rinpa Eshidan

Art in motion. Which is more important: the final work or the process of creating that final work?


Saturday, December 16

Arbitrary Midnight Musings

AMM's. Someone's got to love them, and someone's got to do them. It's almost Sunday, and almost time for the 2nd (or 3rd, whichever service you count as the first) performance. Most definitely looking forward to it.

To be honest, I haven't exactly decided what this blog would be about. At first I thought that it would be interesting to type down all the random things that, I assumed, floated around in my head. But now that I think about it, those thoughts never seem to want to surface. Doesn't matter, no one reads this anyway.

Since no one in particular reads this, it gives me warrant to talk about anything doesn't it? But what type of anything is there to talk about? I can go on about muffins. Cod, I want those muffins that they sell at Costco, especially the chocolate ones. Oy. They make my mouth water at the mere thought of walking near the bakery in the corner. Soon, my loves, we shall be together.

Anyway. I found it interesting that Japanese schools will soon be teaching patriotism. Interesting, no? Speech topic? Maybe.

Oh yes, that reminds me. Deca met up on Friday and that is when we found out about who got cut. Yeah. Okay, now that's something that goes somewhere else.

Au revoir.

Update: December 16

So, Allison got into Stanford. Hah. She just found out yesterday for Early Action. Congrats, John. :)

And with this weekend, so ends the hectic imbalance of church and Deca. After that, it will all be Deca (with little spritzes of choir/kendo/therapy here and there.)

So far, my only revelation is that... "kids get worse when they grow up." And I find that wholly true. When they're young, most kids are fairly cute and endearing. But when they grow up, most of them will be fairly intolerable. Conclusion? I'll have the infant, not the adolescent.

Saturday, December 9

Scrimmage @ Palisades

Yes, yes. Today was the scrimmage with Palisades, Marshall, Venice, and some school that started with an "N." (Sorry, I really can't remember how the name sounded/looked like).

It was fun, I guess. Can't really say much about the whole experience. We went out to eat with the Pali team after that (Eunice and Jordana left earlier) and after that, went straight home. Lucky for us, it started raining right when we exited the restaurant. Fun? Most definitely.

Red spots from Michelle's slaps. Good job, lady. :)
New dirty things that I learned of. No, really. They're dirty and nasty.
Possibly a cold.

Friday, December 8

Actually, there is something...

... that I really want. Either the Holga (color flash) camera or the LOMO LC-A+ camera. Both are by Lomography.

There've been a lot of Lomography posts lately and I've always admire the antiquated look of all the photos. I've tried to digitally capture that feeling, but it's still not the same. I know I shouldn't be asking for this since I already received that camera I've waited all summer for.

Someday, someday. That job is starting to sound very tempting right now. I only have one thing on my imaginary wish-list... and it's one of those cameras. Eh. It's no use though. This year's already expensive and I don't celebrate Christmas. Waiting won't be so bad.

Thursday, December 7

Rekindle the Asian Within.

So... I've transitioned.

Yes, you read correctly. I have transitioned. No more mangas. Okay, I take that back. The 12-year-old soul in me will never die. But I have been introduced to the world of Asian dramas. Okay, so that was introduced to me last year by Miss Ellen and her Hana Yori Dango.

From then on, it was J-doramas... and then to Taiwanese dramas. And with that said, I must add that I find Wu Zun to be a very good-looking asian. I'm glad to have revealed that thought to Michelle who, prior to telling her this, had just gotten over her craze. I love her. :)

Haha. Anyway, it's 1:50am and I do plan on listening to my alarm clock/phone this time. So, bon soir.

Oh yeah, Pali scrimmage coming this Saturday. Why must we make the trip all the way there? Because... life is... cool like that. Hah. Sure. A week after that is the Year-End Thanksgiving AND the beginning to Winter Break (Friday doesn't count). Yehay. Okay, bye.

Saturday, December 2

I Knew It

Anna got into Amherst with a full ride scholarship!

I always knew she could do it. Holy crap. I so knew it.


Thursday, November 30

Bye Bye, Stress

Yay! I just submitted my apps. Oy. Now I don't care whether or not I get in.

All I have to start thinking about right now are finals, Deca, and saving money that I just used up for Apps.

Senior year is by far the most expensive school year anyone will ever go through before college.

Tuesday, November 28

Okay, so...

I've decided that procrastination isn't all that bad. A discussion during practice concluded that one's best ideas come when pressure is stepped up a couple of notches.

It may seem to work for numerous people, but not for me. Honestly, I'm either lucky or not. Bleh.

Sunday, November 26

Speech Topics

How is it that in a world full of crap, I can't find one single speech topic that I can work on!?

Oy oy oy.

Saturday, November 25


Am currently working on UC essays. Never before have I been so disatisfied with my own words and thoughts.

It seems that I am capable of undoing 3 years of an English education given by two of the hardest English teachers at school. How comforting.

Friday, November 24

Bill of Rights article

Sigh. I crossed this article while browing The Onion : The Bill of Rights Pared Down To a Manageable Six.

The UC/CSU deadline is creeping up. This calls for two men: Demetri Martin and Zach Galifianakis. If they don't work, then I shall resort to Arrested Development.

Why does one girl need all this comedy in this 4-day Thanksgiving break? Because turkey-coma can only last for a couple of hours.

Thursday, November 23

Turkey Domination

Yes, yes. It's Thanksgiving once again. Time for food; more specifically, it's time for the glutton within to surface.

Oh yeah, time for those in Deca to work as well as get college things done. Which reminds me, some essays a-need some reading.