Monday, October 27

Perhaps it hasn't been that long ago, but it feels like ages since I sat back and watched the night sky.

Sunday, October 26

I confess to not being myself lately.

Monday, October 20

How selfish and wrong is it to feel heart-broken when the other just manages to change completely without you?

Wednesday, October 15

In my attempts to shove goal after goal into my future, I take the occasional side-glance at my present. I see the smiles I'm missing out on, the laughs I suppress, the tears I hold back, the charged words of anger I replay over and over in my mind. For a split second or two, yes, I feel that slight tinge of remorse. I let go ever-so-slightly to the reigns of my diligence. The corners of my mouth begin to twitch upward in anticipation for the joy that will follow. And then I look again at the failing future. My heart hardens and my passion cools.

*This is overly exaggerated, mind you. Those who know me understand that I laugh and smile every chance I get...

**That previous sentence is also an exaggeration. The truth, I suppose, is in the middle somewhere, just waiting for the invention of words that will someday capture it.

Thursday, October 9

This quarter looks promising for several facets of (my) Life. Considering the fact that I will no longer be required to take any English Literature classes, I've undertaken the task of studying Mythological and Biblical Literature.