Thursday, November 30

Bye Bye, Stress

Yay! I just submitted my apps. Oy. Now I don't care whether or not I get in.

All I have to start thinking about right now are finals, Deca, and saving money that I just used up for Apps.

Senior year is by far the most expensive school year anyone will ever go through before college.

Tuesday, November 28

Okay, so...

I've decided that procrastination isn't all that bad. A discussion during practice concluded that one's best ideas come when pressure is stepped up a couple of notches.

It may seem to work for numerous people, but not for me. Honestly, I'm either lucky or not. Bleh.

Sunday, November 26

Speech Topics

How is it that in a world full of crap, I can't find one single speech topic that I can work on!?

Oy oy oy.

Saturday, November 25


Am currently working on UC essays. Never before have I been so disatisfied with my own words and thoughts.

It seems that I am capable of undoing 3 years of an English education given by two of the hardest English teachers at school. How comforting.

Friday, November 24

Bill of Rights article

Sigh. I crossed this article while browing The Onion : The Bill of Rights Pared Down To a Manageable Six.

The UC/CSU deadline is creeping up. This calls for two men: Demetri Martin and Zach Galifianakis. If they don't work, then I shall resort to Arrested Development.

Why does one girl need all this comedy in this 4-day Thanksgiving break? Because turkey-coma can only last for a couple of hours.

Thursday, November 23

Turkey Domination

Yes, yes. It's Thanksgiving once again. Time for food; more specifically, it's time for the glutton within to surface.

Oh yeah, time for those in Deca to work as well as get college things done. Which reminds me, some essays a-need some reading.