Saturday, January 17

Finding out that someone loves and cares for you more than you ever will for them seems to only result in terrible heartbreak.

Friday, January 9

I'm aware that I speak incessantly on the topics I hate... so here's another one.

I despise reading back on certain entries that confirm how silly I really am.

Wednesday, January 7

I find it hilarious that what I fear the most about going home is running into some not-so-much-my-acquaintances sort of girls from high school. After eavesdropping--I had no choice on that matter--for 5 minutes, I learned the following:

Their goals seem to be to talk about their embarrassingly inebriated moments at last night's party and to point out other girls' imperfections.

Apparently, *Cheryl's boots were "like totally cute" almost to the point where *Britney "sorta wants to, like, kill [her] for them."

Fortunately enough, I find my headphones right after that, and drown out their nasal squawking with some Ella Fitzgerald.

Cheers to the Granada Hills Charter High School Class of '07.

*Names have been changed not for the other parties' privacy, but for my own peace of mind.

Sunday, January 4

Is it okay to be just a little jealous of the people who had an amazing 2008? I can surely say that it was not all that bad, of course... but what to do when I cannot remember the good times?

Oh, what to do?