Wednesday, June 4

Life's Sense of Humor

Just when I believed that I finally owned Life, Life turns around to slap me once again.

Things were in order. I filed all important documents to their respective offices. Homework burned away like fuel. Running errands was the easiest. Gas prices were .1 levels below atrocious. Choir practices were wonderfully short. Vicodin is no longer that difficult to swallow (kidding--kidding about the Vicodin, I mean). I was in control.

And now? My abstract paper, I just learned, is due today. Shall we weigh the severity between the two givens? Abstract paper. Due today.

Abstract paper. Due today.
Abstract paper. Due today.
Abstract paper. Due today...

... Life hits like a girl.

So tell me, what kinds of girls do you know?

Monday, June 2

Because I am who I am

They make me laugh. I mean the trees.

Sunday, June 1

There is something I miss in the way sun and the breeze work so perfectly together to create the ultimate day for walking, relaxing, reading, and laughing. The mild whispering of the wind along with the familiar but infrequent purring of engines going past made enough noise to negate the stifling silence of being alone. Still, there was always someone who existed on the other side of a phone call, of a text message, of a dream.

There is something I miss in the way my phone would ring in the evening, bearing my best friend's excited voice. The words "Hey, what are you doing?" translated smoothly and effortlessly to "Meet us here, we'll be waiting."Driving alone, singing, was merely the beginning to a night of embraces, smiles, chatter, and joy that will forever engrave memories into my heart.

There is something I miss in her smile, in his voice, in their eyes, in her embrace, in their presence, in his touch.

Appease me, Life. You owe me.