Monday, July 30

What I've Learned From My Parents Part 2

2. Trust in the goodness of people. Not. Not unless they're not Filipino.

So... all those lectures against my pessimism have been for shit. "Leslie, why are you so negative?" Because I don't like people."That's not good, Leslie." OK, I'm sorry.

What I've Learned From My Parents Part 1

Living in such a loving house and being the daughter of two respected Filipinos, I've come to realize at this very moment two very important lessons.

1. Hypocrisy is publicly looked down upon, but privately practiced. Note: Do not forget to deny and fight any form of accusation. Being in an Asian (or to some of you who might make a fit, Pacific Islander) home in America automatically places me, along with many Asian-Americans, in a very awkward situation. Being the child of such traditional parents puts me in a submissiveness-mandatory position where all they say is Truth. I suppose you can compare it to the Universe and the parents being an omnipotent Being. Not only that, being the youngest, and a GIRL no less, places me in a position far lower than that of my older brother. At the moment, it would take much too much effort than I'm willing to give to explain, so some/all valid arguments will be withheld. But to explain the awkward situation, being forced to submit the Whole of my Being to the Familial Structure built long ago at the a day and age when open-mindedness and free speech are so highly advocated, one such as myself cannot help but be a little confused. So taking into account my status, calling out the parental units on such wrongdoings committed by said party is, according to traditional regulations, not allowed. And thus, I am in the wrong. For what? For knowing what it universally and humanely correct and calling out my parents, my Superiors, on their misdeeds.

So what is Hypocrisy in this household? I don't exactly know anymore. Apparently, my parents have been teaching me the wrong things if I'm actually saying that such a thing is--gasp--bad. But of course my parents wouldn't put themselves in a hypocritical situation, because, you know, they're parents--they know everything. Right? Human flaws? Pish posh. What are those to them? Nothing.

I'll merely learn from example, Mom and Dad. Be racist in public? Judge people by appearances? I DARE NOT! Because that's wrong, right? Right. But--gasp--, that person isn't Filipino. I'm not to trust them, right? That person appears to be some type of party-goer; ehp, can't talk to them, now can I?

What can I say? I'm so proud of my parents.

Monday, July 9

A Foreign Rant after A Familiar Praise

To keep this simple and short so as not to diminish its ultimate significance: I didn't need a debut when I have friends and family like those I have now.


Ano ba'ng problema niya? Bakit hindi siya tumawag sa akin kagabe regarding yo'n dinner natin? Para sa birthday ko, naman, diba?

Siya nga nag tanong sa akin kung pwede payagin ng parents ko na mag dinner kaming dalawa. Alam ko na dapat ko'ng intindihin siya kasi mero'on siya'ng trabaho. I understand that. Pero, wala ba siya'ng decency na tawagin niya lang ako para mag paalam sa akin?

Hindi ko alam ngayon. Gusto ko tawagin siya pero mero'on instances na busy siya. Alam ko; naintindihan ko. So naghihintay nalang ako para siya tumawag sa akin kung mero'on horas. EH, ANO?


And there you have it, folks. My ultimate Filipino side, complete with Manila-vocab. Disgusting.