Wednesday, December 19

Enlighten Me, Mr. Xie

Me: I must admit though that I am rather fond of being held.
John: Trust me, every guy has that desire to be the mountainous figure to hold a slender body.
Here's the thing.

I can't write as eloquently or as passionately as the majority of my friends who have the ability to produce the most stirring words as naturally as they take each breath. Perhaps I am not as talented, as driven, as intense, as kind, as sweet, as special in the eyes of others as my peers are. We walk the streets and the halls in a dignified manner, yet it is I who shrinks into the shadows of those above me.

Hello, world.
Mediocrity is my name.

However, you need not pity me and my lowly stature. No, dear world, you needn't frown at such a silent acceptance.

Because Mediocrity may be who I am, but I will rock it like no one else.

Saturday, December 15

If only it were in me to tell you just how much the mere act of missing you breaks my heart.

Saturday, December 1

Self-Abhorrent for the Sweetest of Reasons

He likes me back.

Not exactly in the mood to write an essay of immeasurable proportions to list out the reasons as to why I wish to kick myself right now. Perhaps all that matters is that I just do.